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In 2013, Sychelle-Kristina Yanda  wrote a story that went viral on Wattpadd. At just 15, Sychelle later went on to self-publishing it and started to look for a way to "bring it to life". With no visual experience, Sychelle formed a film crew at college and adapted her short story into a no budget feature film.


Enjoying the self-taught process and learning about filmmaking, she accidentally fell in love with the art of filmmaking and quickly wanted to do another. She did not want to stop writing books, so continued writing, adapting and then filming. Her fascination for story-telling landed her a first class degree in Journalism, which she obtained whilst balancing her filmmaking on the side. Knowing that she wanted to somehow gain a professional filmmaking career after her undergraduate degree, Sychelle needed a way to create a final project that will allow her to complete her degree yet feed into her filmmaking journey. She decided to make a documentary  "Pick a side: Black or Lesbian" (an exploration of the perception of lesbians in London, New York and Paris)  which played a huge part in the next steps of her career. 


Focused on writing and directing, Sychelle did not realise that by putting a team together and managing her projects, she was producing. Sychelle went to hone her producing skills by pursuing a MA in Producing at the competitive National Film and Television School - whilst still creating content outside of the course.

She was exposed to the music video scene when her little sister, (Blessing-Nicole Yanda, X factor:The Band 2019)  decided she wanted to start a music career.  Through the music videos, the sisters were able to knock heads and improve their craft(s).  


Yanda Created This (YCT) is made to not only showcase Sychelle's work but to also provide a space for up and coming talent to collaborate.

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